Genres : Action & Adventure

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Date: 05/07/2022
The biggest art heist since World War II.The Government turns to PI John Kite for help.But the heist is the result of a politician's lie.“Fabulous main character...intelligent...articulate...a little romance...his sense of humor had me laughing......
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Shadows and Shifters by Ryver Knight

Date: 04/23/2022
A missing sister. An assassination plot. A mysterious mark.The Queen knows who Asha is...…and will do anything to steal her void magic.In their last encounter in the void, Asha barely escaped the Queen's clutches. With...
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Source Awakening by Tracey Canole

Date: 04/20/2022
Goliath changed everything—more than Reena realized. Can she survive it?When a piece of the rogue planet Goliath enters the atmosphere, Reena Novak knows the world will never be the same. Taking shelter from falling debris,...
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Date: 04/12/2022
In the Age of Sail, a captain’s son is left to confront pirates, cannibals and an angry king after a hurricane devastates his family and their fleet carrying $400 million in treasure. The true story...
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Date: 03/21/2022
Ylmi Bodvarsdottir grew up in the mountains, forced to live with her parents beyond the protection of their village. But when the harsh crags and windy slopes did not kill her, she grew stronger. Together...
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Date: 03/09/2022
An LGBTQ+ action romance series that packs a punch...“Razes, Razes, everywhere ... snatchers, snatchers all beware ...”Hato’s gang must go up against an underground system trading in the lives of youths, or risk losing the...
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Mechanical Dragons: Fire & Water by Bobbi Schemerhorn

Date: 03/08/2022
Mixing magic and inexperience may result in dragons! Khaly accidentally brought her school project to life. And now she has a dragon. Khaly knew something was wrong when the dragon wasn’t where she left it....
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Date: 03/04/2022
A tyrant occupies the Fae Palace and the only woman who could stop him is hiding in Kentucky, drinking wine with a Milton scholar.But that might be a good thing.Sabrina, a small-town academic, spends her...
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Date: 02/15/2022
She thought she’d sacrificed enough……Now she’s the only hope of two planets.If she can unlock the mystery in time.Alexa celebrated twelve birthdays without her beloved father, but on the eve of her sweet sixteenth, he...