Genres : Christian Nonfiction

Date: 01/17/2024
Freedom is Within You. Are you living life to its fullness? Or do you find yourself limited in your own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas? Have you ever thought you had it all together and suddenly...
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Hebrews by Dr Andrew C S Koh

Date: 11/25/2023
Hebrews is an in-depth commentary on the epistle of Hebrews written for daily Bible study and devotion. This book is divided into thirteen chapters, each corresponding to the thirteen chapters of Hebrews. This book offers...
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Date: 11/12/2023
GOD IS SPEAKING 2 (THE BIBLE, PROPHETS & PREACHERS) is the second book of a three-part series describing what God has spoken to us through His word, the Bible. The Bible which He has provided...
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Date: 11/11/2023
A biblical view of what it means to be a true follower of Jesus Christ. The Lord Himself made many powerful and poignant statements about those who would dare to call themselves His disciples. There...
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Date: 11/07/2023
This is an exceptional memoir and self-help positive book on overcoming obstacles. The book provides self-development faith-based tips on how to handle trials and tribulations. We all will go through some type of hardship in...
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Date: 11/01/2023
HUMANI~TEA SPEAKS(A Guide to Inner Wisdom), connects you to the indestructible essence of your being and aligns you with your passion and purpose. This guide offes a vast array of powerful principles, truths and wisdom...
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The Ones We Find by Ama Pomaa

Date: 10/15/2023
Something Happened Last Night... Five years ago, a chance meeting with Femi Uzoechi changed Marilyn's life. Except for the part she keeps under lock and key in her house of cards. The line between her...
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Date: 10/10/2023
The English Standard Version (ESV) Bible is an essentially literal Bible translation that combines word-for-word precision and accuracy with literary excellence, beauty, and depth of meaning. The ESV Bible is equipped with an enhanced navigation...
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The Beatitudes by Thomas Watson

Date: 10/08/2023
The sermon on the mount is full of sweet variety. It is a piece of spiritual needlework that is worked throughout with various colors. This is both useful and pleasant. In this portion of Holy...

A Holy Haunting by Sam D. Kim

Date: 10/01/2023
Winner for Best Book in Religion (Christianity) 2023 International Book Awards. What if we've been looking at faith all wrong? What if the rise of spiritual consciousness is not a mere byproduct of cultural factors,...
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