Genres : Contemporary


His Christmas Family by Melissa McClone

Date: 12/01/2023
Two and a half years after Grace Wilcox’s husband died a war hero, the hole in her heart and life remains. She wants to start over with their young son, but a snowstorm thwarts her...
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Date: 10/28/2023
Competing for a date with a handsome billionaire goes against everything she believes in, but she has no choice. Five years ago, when Karlie Spencer found out her parents died in a plane crash, she...
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Finding Faith by Michelle Romano

Date: 10/22/2023
Faith's journey takes an unexpected turn when heartbreak in New York propels her to a mysterious small town in Arizona. The place feels oddly familiar and people seem to know her, which sparks a quest...
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Date: 10/05/2023
She Got More Than She Bargained For...Elizabeth is a student working in a dead-end hotel job to makes ends meet, but dreaming of a better life. When she foolishly decides to shower in the penthouse...
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Date: 09/29/2023
Sarah Keller is convinced that her Mr. Right is stuck in traffic…in another country…on another planet. ‘Thirty-one and still single’ isn’t how she wants to be introduced by her dad. That’s why she’s on five...
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Lavender Sky by Denise Bruneau

Date: 09/23/2023
Dr. Delaney Bartlett harbors a painful secret from her past. When her life changes direction and she moves to Guntersville, Alabama, she hopes to start a new life. She prays for true love and a...
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Date: 09/20/2023
A Christian Romance: Love transcends distance, but can it overcome their challenging pasts? Finn is a widower living on an orchard farm in Alaska. When his best friends die in a tragic accident, he adopts...
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Date: 09/19/2023
In 1915 Ohio, anyone entering the Amish Charm Bakery is greeted by the sweet warmth and delicious fragrance of cinnamon and vanilla wafting from freshly baked cookies and pies. And newcomers to this Amish community...
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The Director by Renee Rose

Date: 09/17/2023
NO ONE TAKES WHAT’S MINE. The lovely attorney kept a secret from me. A baby she’s been carrying since Valentine’s night. The night we were thrown together by the roulette wheel. She never contacted me....
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Date: 08/06/2023
When the past knocks on the door of her new life, will Alice walk backwards or stride forward? After 20 years of marriage, Alice's life is shattered when her husband, Bradley, leaves her for a...
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