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Dr. OB by Max Monroe

Date: 02/25/2022
Never mix business with pleasure.Sound, easy-to-follow advice, until you find yourself fantasizing about your boss twenty-four hours a day.Dr. Will Cummings is the star of a medical reality show that’s practically blown up overnight in...
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Decode My Desires by Charmaine Louise Shelton

Date: 02/23/2022
Welcome to the titillating world of the multibillion-dollar global companies and the love affairs of the families that control them.HarrisWho’s the sucker now? Me, that’s who. The One really took me—not to mention my family—for...
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Date: 02/14/2022
Spying on a bossy cowboy lands this hot mess romance author in hot water.Cassia MurphyI'm used to getting fan mail from readers.I am not used to being told off by bossy cowboys.But that's exactly what...
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Date: 01/29/2022
I’d always seen the world in black and white. Good guys and bad guys. As a shifter that had seen too many of his kind die at the hands of Hunters, I knew who my...
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Date: 01/07/2022
This is a dark romance tale involving gender swapping, futa transformation, female domination and mpreg.Noah Harrow is desperate. No money left, no family to turn to and about to be evicted, he applies for a...
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