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U.S. Marine Vietnam Sacrifice by Crystal Mary Lindsey

Date: 03/31/2024
This story revolves around a young country boy named Raymond who grows up in a small rural town in Tennessee. Ray is patriotic and has always dreamed of serving his country. In 1968 he was...
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Date: 03/25/2024
Do you yearn for deeper connection, but find yourself trapped in cycles of frustration and longing? "The Path to Secure Attachment" is your guide to transforming your relationships, breaking free from unhealthy patterns, and embracing...
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Date: 03/16/2024
No two people with the same amount of money make the same choices. What is your relationship with money? Success is often conflated with how much money you have, how much money you earn, and...
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Date: 03/14/2024
Descriptions and photos of twenty-five of the strangest birds from around the globe.
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Spirit Embraced by Kim Colella

Date: 03/13/2024
2019 Silver Winner - Nautilus Book Awards - “Better Books for a Better World”"It is time to let go of all that holds you back from radiating your brilliance into the world. It is time...
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Date: 03/12/2024
In the U.S. today, over 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia. Each of these individuals has a story. And each one has caregivers, with stories of their own. You have...
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Date: 03/07/2024
Is Menopause Taking a Toll on Your Physical and Mental Health? Discover Holistic Pathways to Achieve Clarity, Comfort, and Confidence Through Natural Healing. Does anxiety and brain fog cloud your days? Are you grappling with...
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Date: 03/02/2024
In 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert Theng was an ocean away from his wife Sara, living in Taiwan while she and their daughter remained in Canada. Travel restrictions kept them apart,...
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Date: 02/24/2024
Are you ready to purge your negative thinking? Transform your life and achieve personal growth with this step-by-step tool! This book is designed to guide you in self-examination of your thoughts and help you purge...
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Date: 02/17/2024
It’s Time to Make YOU Your Priority Are you the Yes Girl? The one who doesn’t know how to say no? The fixer in all your relationships? Have your boundaries become unrecognizable? Do you feel...
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