Genres : Romance


Big Bad Boss: Moon Mad by Renee Rose and Lee Savino

Date: 04/27/2024
Rule #2 of Wall Street: Never show weakness An alpha must protect his pack. Weakness isn’t an option. Neither is the beautiful human who turned my world upside down. But she is my obsession, I...
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Done by Desi Stowe

Date: 04/21/2024
Desi Stowe is a healthcare professional with a passion for writing. She is looking to take experiences from hospitals hallways to aspiring author DONE is a contemporary fiction novel with a strong (albeit angsty) female...
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Despite the Devil by Shawna James

Date: 04/19/2024
Stephanie gazed at Andrew’s clean-shaven, long and slender face. His dark green eyes were captivating. His brown hair was neatly combed to the side. His eyebrows were thick and kind of joined in the middle,...
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Date: 04/11/2024
The Messenger's Mischief, a winning combination of humor, hope, her-oics, history, and heart-hugging romance.The plucky Miss Elaine Balderhoff’s life is hanging by a thread as the Wells Fargo stage races across the Nevada desert. Bandits have...
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Sebastian by Crystal Dawn

Date: 04/08/2024
Sebastian is moving his pride headquarters to what he hopes will be a permanent home. Seven groups of big cats will be forming an alliance for mutual defense and to aid in the growth of...
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Wild Ace: A Mafia Romance by Rebecca Gannon

Date: 04/06/2024
Vinny Carfano is determined to show me that his last name doesn’t mean he’s a bad man, and I’m determined not to listen. Until he gives me no choice… Ever since my mom got remarried...
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The First and the Last by Constance Phillips

Date: 04/04/2024
A romantic relationship with Kelly seems as unattainable to Joss as getting out of his wheelchair. Joss knows the sands of time vanishing. His one desire—to have a normal romantic relationship with Kelly seems like...
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Lurid Finch by Bahadir Demiralay

Date: 03/31/2024
Dania is in love with Gregg, but angels aren’t allowed to express romantic love. That’s why she makes a deal with a demon. This demon has lots of plans and a feeling he can’t resist:...
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Date: 03/30/2024
I never expected my heart to be racing over some grumpy bartender from my hometown. Returning home for my sister's wedding was supposed to be simple. Matt who I have only recently just met is...
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Shoot First with a .44 by William Black

Date: 03/30/2024
Hunting the men who did it. One by one. After learning the truth about his family’s killers, Deputy Lucas Butler leaves behind his East Texas home and tracks down the Bloodhoof Gang, the seven men...
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