2442 Steps To Crazy
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2442 Steps To Crazy by D Paul Fleming

The GREATEST survival story you’ll ever read. One young boy must stand up to the evil force that has found its way into their home. At the age of five, the boy learns to hold his breath while he's tucked away in the dark, listening as Crazy paces through the farmhouse like an unholy predator, searching, just steps away from his hiding place. But even being very good at hiding doesn't always keep you safe. Amidst brutal beatings, violent screaming, and cruelly imaginative abuse, the boy discovers that he has a special connection with the spiritual realm. He sees beings of light and dark that his brother can't see—beings that bring waves of comfort, beings that he knows are there to protect him and his siblings. And, yet, no one comes to rescue the boy and his siblings. The cops come and go, leaving them in the grips of the unholy terror. Even his mother, strong as her love is for her children, remains unable to vanquish the villain. It's up to the boy, then, not only to survive, but to find a way to overcome fear every single day. Only through faith can this boy triumph over fear and make it out alive.
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