2Sweet 2Be 4Gotten
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2Sweet 2Be 4Gotten by Carlene Havel

A boxed set containing two Christian Romances Evidence Not Seen: Love keeps no record of wrongs. Jeff Galloway cannot forget how he and his mother were left to cope on their own when his father went to prison. Furthermore, he does not understand why his mother wants to welcome John Galloway home with open arms after almost thirty years. As a new romance begins to blossom with perky social worker Melanie Clark, she encourages Jeff to let go of the past. Can a crotchety retired detective help Jeff unravel long-kept secrets in his attempt to accept his parents as they are? Parisian Surprise: When best friends Allee Bell and Tina Bandolino win the vacation of their dreams, they plan to have a fabulous time in Paris. However, Allee has to go on alone when Tina has to cancel. That takes some courage for a young woman who doesn’t speak French and has never been outside the State of Alabama. Once she arrives in France, Allee meets swoon-worthy Paul Chevalier, a U.S. Air Force captain assigned to the U.S. Embassy. Despite two wonderful weeks and their mutual attraction, common sense tells Allee she and Paul don't have enough time for love to blossom…or do they?
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