300 Days: A Father’s Love During Mother’s Final Year
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In 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert Theng was an ocean away from his wife Sara, living in Taiwan while she and their daughter remained in Canada. Travel restrictions kept them apart, but they hoped to reunite as soon as possible. Before they got the chance, tragedy struck. Doctors discovered a tumor in Sara's brain and rushed her to emergency surgery. Robert managed to find a way back to Canada, just in time to help his wife recover. They thought that was the end of their separation and of Sara's health struggles. But Sara's cancer journey was just beginning. Right after New Year's, Sara was diagnosed with small-cell lung cancer. Robert stayed by her side, caring for and comforting his wife. Together with their teenage daughter Leanne, the family found ways to enjoy life—sledding at a local park, attending Leanne's school events, even the simple act of grocery shopping. Through it all, they remained hopeful for Sara's recovery and determined to make the best of the time they had together. Thanks to their faith in God and the help of many wonderful medical professionals, they enjoyed nearly a year of quality time and love. This is the story of Robert's last 300 days with Sara.
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