311 Questions Jesus Asked
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311 Questions Jesus Asked by Sallie Dawkins


How would you respond to Jesus?

Why are you so afraid? (Mark 4:40)
Is your heart still hardened? (Mark 8:17)
What do you want me to do for you? (Mark 10:51)
Who are you looking for? (John 18:7)

Questions are invaluable for processing new information, building understanding, or uncovering lies. Asking questions strengthens or fortifies personal relationships.
Christ’s questions cover a broad spectrum of topics, including discipleship, healing, identity, obedience, purpose, resurrection, truth, vision, and more.

311 Questions Jesus Asked is a collection of New Testament scriptures compiled by healing evangelist Sallie Dawkins.
This book features:
• 100 questions from Matthew
• 63 questions from Mark
• 97 questions from Luke
• 51 questions from John.

Whether you use this book as a Bible Study or want to start an intentional conversation with God, you’re sure to grow from the experience. Some of Jesus’ questions may challenge your beliefs, while other questions bring comforting reassurance. Christians everywhere are sure to find this book beneficial for growing in spiritual maturity.

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