680 Miles Away
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680 Miles Away by Tara J. Stone

The follow-up to 6 Blocks Home is a powerful story about confronting old wounds, embracing new possibilities, and the triumph of unrelenting love. Evie is a musical prodigy who has a habit of running away when things get hard. Or messy. Or just plain awkward. Like the time she ran away from home when she discovered the devastating truth about her past. Now, at twenty-three, Evie is content with the quiet life she’s carved out for herself—working at a music store, teaching violin lessons, and joking around with her coworker and best friend, Finn—but her world is about to get hard and messy and awkward again. A chance encounter with a stranger sets Evie on a crash course with the very past she’s spent years running from. An old flame reappears. And most terrifying of all, she’s beginning to suspect Finn is more than just a friend. As events beyond her control force Evie to choose between running and risking it all, she will discover the heartache of betrayal, the strength of true friendship, and the unbreakable bonds of unconditional love.
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