7 Days in Deià – Coincidences happen when you least expect them
“In the aftermath of heartbreak, Jen seeks solace in the embrace of a luxury yoga retreat in Deia, hoping to find renewal amidst sun-kissed landscapes. Little does she anticipate that beyond the calming poses, a week filled with laughter, tears, and unexpected connections awaits her. Simultaneously, Ben, navigating the shadows of grief after losing his wife, embarks on a quest for renewal in the same retreat. As yoga intertwines their paths, Unforeseen twists weave their stories together, as both Jen and Ben discover that amidst the sunlit landscapes and healing practices, a shared journey of joy, love, and serendipity unfolds. In a place where souls find solace, the echoes of coincidences shape destinies when least expected. Embark on a scintillating journey to the enchanting haven of Deia, where a steamy romance blossoms and new friends made...”
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