A Bride for Crock
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A Bride for Crock by Joi Copeland


He craves order.
She longs for spontaneity.

Crock Harden watched both his brothers accept their parents’ inheritance early, start their own business, and find women to wed by placing advertisements for mail order brides by proxy. They went against what society claimed as normal and found happiness.
Since his parents gave him the ranch to run, Crock finds himself yearning for a partner to share in his burden, to take care of the home, and hopefully one day, raise a family. Since Silver Springs has grown, so has the women population, but none turn Crock’s head. Finally after deciding to place an ad for a bride by proxy, his daily structure changes, forcing him to make some hard decisions.
Everything in has a place, and everything in its place. Tired of the constant phrase her grandmother repeated to her while growing up, Eve Glasgow desires nothing more than to throw off the cloak of order and discipline and be free of the rules that kept her in chains her entire life. When she stumbles upon an advertisement for a mail order bride, she readily accepts.
On the way to meet her husband, a child is thrust upon her. Eve accepts the wee one as her own, hoping her husband feels the same way. But when they meet and he discovers she came with a child, Crock’s world is turned upside down. Is he willing to let go of the order and routine he desires, or can he welcome a wife and a new child into his home, his life, and most importantly, his heart?

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