A Furnace for Your Foe
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A Furnace for Your Foe by Matty Dalrymple


Can Ann Kinnear learn why arson experts are coming to grief on the trails of Mount Desert Island before becoming a victim herself?

★★★★★ "A super-twisty, unpredictable, rollercoaster of a mystery, with secrets around every corner. I love this series in part because of the unique mix of suspense, mystery, and the supernatural. Just as important, though, is the excellent writing that combines in-depth characters, family drama, and humor with the suspense. The author also provides wonderful details about the settings (here, one of my favorite places) that help to immerse the reader in the story. There were plenty of surprises in store in this novel, as well as some breathtakingly close calls for Ann and her friends. Each novel in this series just gets better and better." —Sue Jackson, Book by Book Reviews

They say that dead men tell no tales. But when good intentions are twisted to evil ends, and the perpetrators don’t care who gets burned in the process, the truth must come out, and it will take Ann Kinnear’s particular skill to uncover it.

Spirit senser Ann Kinnear is back on Mount Desert Island, Maine, to take part in a documentary with her colleague and competitor, Garrick Masser. The topic? The recent death of Leo Dorn, head of the Stata Mater research lab, who fell from a cliff-side trail on his wife’s estate.

Ann has barely unpacked before Dorn’s hiking partner and fellow researcher Shelby Kim disappears, and now Ann wonders if Leo’s fall really was an accident. But when Ann finally locates Shelby, the young woman isn’t talking.

Then a warehouse on the Manset waterfront burns to the ground and Ann knows she’s getting close to the truth.

Will Ann overcome hell and high water to plumb the depths of Mount Desert Island’s secrets, or will this be her fall from grace?

Find out in Book 4 of the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels!

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