A Holy Haunting

A Holy Haunting by Sam D. Kim

Winner for Best Book in Religion (Christianity) 2023 International Book Awards. What if we've been looking at faith all wrong? What if the rise of spiritual consciousness is not a mere byproduct of cultural factors, but an echo resounding from eternity? Atheists like Richard Dawkins often mock prayer, equating it to calling upon a fairy in the sky. This misunderstanding of prayer's purpose pervades western society, criticizing those that practice traditional faith as "old fashioned" or "out of touch." In A Holy Haunting, Dr. Sam D. Kim interacts with this perception of faith and challenges readers to look at faith another way. The rise of modernism was both a blessing and curse for the church; while modernists articulated belief in a succinct and coherent fashion, they reduced the mystery and wonder of faith to nothing more than blind belief. According to Dr. Sam D. Kim, faith is not a set of beliefs, but a central aspect of human existence—defining who they are in the deepest ontological sense. Unlike many who discredit the power of the spiritual or immaterial, Dr. Kim sees human consciousness—the soul—as evidence of humanity being forged in the corridors of eternity, before the primordial universe and the Big Bang. A roadmap of discovery for skeptics and believers alike, A Holy Haunting befriends the doubter, challenges the churchgoer, and gives fresh perspective to the seeker.
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