A Love in the Vines
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A Love in the Vines by Hannah Haywood

Claire has loved John forever, but her loyalty to his late wife, Rose, keeps her lips sealed. John was behind the wheel when Rose died in the car accident. He feels guilty and misses her dearly. Managing the thriving Leroy Vinyard with his brother Pat and raising his daughter, Emily, as a single dad is not enough. But can he move on with his life? Claire, the gorgeous owner of the local wine shop in the small town of Woodpaw, has her roots firmly planted there. Since Rose's passing, she's stepped into the mother role for Emily. As the trio spends more time together, the townspeople's whispers become louder. Watchful eyes and wagging tongues fuel the gossip mill. Are they having an affair? And what about Rose? Claire feels the sting of embarrassment and hurt. Is there a chance for her to find love, or will John remain just a friend?
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