A Secret of the Soul (Amish Secrets – Book 6): Amish Romance
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Another breathtaking love story from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Spredemann chock-full of mystery!

He wants a second chance, but first he needs answers.

When Elam Zook visits his former Amish community after five years of living in the world, he hopes to rekindle a romance with his former aldi, Julianna. But when he asks of her whereabouts, the community is conspicuously silent.

It is eventually revealed that she has passed away, but something doesn't add up, leaving him with more questions than answers.

As Elam attempts to move on with his life, he soon finds himself in a relationship with another woman. Then he discovers a secret the community hoped to keep buried with Julianna. What is the community hiding and why?

Will his desperation for answers and quest for truth require more than what his heart can afford to give?

A Secret of the Soul is an inspiring tale of love lost and rediscovered, with all the signature twists and the heartwarming romance readers expect from this author.

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