A Vengeful Realm: Book 3 – The Age of the End
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The flood of blood drowns New Rheynia, but The Age of the End is only just beginning. Though the traitor God within Valencia has been exposed and Zephyrus and Threyna wild the artifacts of long dead deities, the way to the divine realm is blocked. The Harbinger has ascended to slaughter the Gods and leave the mortal realm in ruins. Yet Zephyrus, Laeden, Vykinallia, Iylea and Threyna have even more pressing concerns. The Skeleton King has come to New Rheynia’s shores. Empowered by cursed magic, he and his legions will stop at nothing to consume every soul in the mortal realm in service to their One True God. Regardless if they’re Valencian or Celestic, Rheynians or Helms, free or enslaved peoples- everyone must join together if they hope to outlast the apocalypse. Even the worst of enemies. Bonds of friendship and love will be tested. Chains of guilt and disdain will come undone. One way or another, the scales will be set right, and nothing will ever be the same again.
Genre: Fantasy
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