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Alanna by Kathleen Ball

From Award Winning, Amazon Best-Selling Author Kathleen Ball Top 50 Author in Historical Western Romance who consistently Hit the #1 spot in her genre. A Clean and Wholesome Sweet Christian Mail Order Bride/ Cowboy Romance Donald Plans to send his mail-order bride back. She has nowhere to go!! Will love evolve when trust is in doubt? Donald Dill has heard it all; every excuse and every lie women tell perspective grooms. He's become jaded. Believing Alanna is not being truthful, Donald is not willing to take a chance on wedding her, he decides to send Alanna back. Alanna Foley has struggled through life, and it makes her strong. When her sister dies, she takes her niece with her when she travels to Wyoming to be a bride. Alanna has a good heart and Donald's lack of trust in her is hard to overcome. Surviving land grabbers, encounters with wolves, and another woman claiming the baby to be hers breaks them apart on the surface while love is budding in their hearts. Will their faith bring them to the point where they trust and listen to their hearts? 5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Book. Thank you Kathleen Ball, Donald sent for a Mail Order Bride, Alanna. But Donald didn't trust her so he wouldn’t marry her. The traveling preacher ask Alanna to Marry him but she wouldn’t leave her sisters baby, So the preacher left , Donald married Alanna. 5.0 out of 5 stars Loved It Another great book by one of my favorite authors. I loved Donald and Alanna's story. These two had a very difficult beginning with much to overcome. It all makes for an interesting read that I read straight through. I look forward to more books by this author. 5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Adventure! The story is inspiring and full of unexpected surprise! The characters are intriguing as you follow their mishaps and misunderstandings . But with the Lord's help they will see them through to the end! An Amazing Story for all... 4.0 out of 5 stars A sweet Christian American Historical Romance Donald is expecting his mail order bride, however she arrives with a surprise - her baby niece. Although she had told the agency about Winnie, this wasn't passed on to Donald. He finds it very difficult to trust anyone, so this immediately puts a strain on the potential relationship. He also relies on a strict routine, whilst this is impossible with a young child involved. The story shows how they gradually relax with each other, although he knows that Alanna is holding something back, which he finds extremely difficult to accept as he requires total honesty. Ultimately he has to decide whether to accept Alanna and Winnie or to send them away. Set with a strong background of faith this again shows how difficult it was for Mail Order Brides and their potential husbands to form relationships without the normal getting to know each other phase that we take so much for granted nowadays. Don't Miss Out On This New Book By Kathleen Ball
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