Always With You
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Always With You by Jessie Gussman

*Previously titled What He Wants* One night changed everything… Cassidy Kimbell killed a man when she was only nineteen. Torque Baxter took the blame, serving ten years for her crime. He told her to flee the scene of the accident. He told her to run. He told her to keep her mouth shut, so that’s what she’d done. She’d let a boy with a crush become an innocent man behind bars. Today, that man is being released. Cassidy expects Torque to hate her. She knows nothing she has done to atone all these years can compare to what he’s lost. But she hopes becoming his sponsor on the outside, especially since she’s a lawyer now, might help. Little does she know, Torque doesn’t want her to owe him. He wants her to love him. But to do that Cassidy would have to give up the life she’s built for the last ten years. She'd have to sacrifice it all, just like he did. SNUGGLE up with SWEET romance that will WARM your heart and CURL your toes. Listen - for FREE - to the incredible Jay Dyess perform Always with You on YouTube here: Reviews for Always With You: ★★★★★ "The story is incredibly touching & emotionally engaging. Yet despite it's heavy subject matter, it's never depressing. It frequently manages to be humorous & lighthearted without trivializing anything." - Vibliophile ★★★★★ "This story, along with its prolog novella (available in the author’s newsletter) is perhaps one of the very best stories by this author; and I LOVE ALL of her books!” – Patrice ★★★★★ “My bedtime got pushed way back so I could finish this book. Loved it!” - Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ "This book made me cry, it was so well writen, so believable, and so sad, and I almost never cry over books. But it didn't feel like a book. It felt like I knew these people, knew what had happened, and was finally finding out the rest of the story..." - Old Dog ★★★★★ "Jessie is such a great story teller. She doesn’t shy away from hard life issues and handles each story with grace. You always feel better when you finish a book and her stories stay with you when you are done." - Wren Books in the Baxter Boys series: Always With You Forever With You Still With You Second Chance With You For Keeps With You
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