An Agent for Bernadette
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An Agent for Bernadette by Jovie Grace

A wealthy debutante dodges an arranged marriage by becoming a Pinkerton agent, only to find out her first assignment will involve working undercover with the man she was supposed to marry. All her life, Bernadette Chambers has been following orders about how to dress, what to say, and who to say it to. However, she draws the line at marrying a man she’s never met, even though it means she’ll be disowned. Desperate for both money and adventure, she signs on as a Pinkerton agent, never dreaming her new partner will be the very man she was trying to avoid. Park Harrington is a shipping tycoon by day and a Pinkerton agent by night, which leaves no time for courting. When the fiancée he’s never laid eyes on refuses to honor their arranged marriage contract, he despairs of ever finding a suitable wife. Imagine his surprise to hear he'll be serving undercover as her groom on the next case! SECOND EDITION: This book was previously part of The Pinkerton Matchmaker Series. It has since been revised, re-edited, and recovered to be a part of its own Western Brides Undercover Series. Western Brides Undercover An Agent for Bernadette An Agent for Lorelai An Agent for Jolene An Agent for Madeleine
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