An Event-Planner Vacay:
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An Event-Planner Vacay: by Paris McCoy

Victoria meets the man of her dreams... while pretending to be somebody else. Victoria has become the sought-after event planner at Avalon. Her events are breathtaking and thoughtful, and always top-of-the-line. But when Avalon merges with another larger event company, she's forced into a vacation she never wanted, all while pretending to be her new boss. Even if she gets to visit the gorgeous Holloway castle in England, it still means she'll miss Christmas with her parents. They've been counting on her, and it hurts to know she's letting them down. Oliver has secrets too, and he's holding something back. As they grow steadily closer, she finds herself hopelessly in love with the blue-eyed billionaire. But finding the right time to tell him her true identity becomes increasingly difficult. Bigger problems emerge as enemies go to dangerous lengths to see both of their companies fail. Before she has the chance to explain, her true identity is ousted. Too humiliated to face him again, Victoria rushes home. But Oliver isn't about to lose the woman he loves. A fast-paced, heartfelt romance that will leave you daydreaming.
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