An Innocent Love’s Wildflower
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When her mother remarried ten years ago, Rebecca's life fell into pieces as she was violently separated from her young love. However, this feels like a distant memory now, since she has been set up for something less than fairytale love. She understands that her heart will never skip a beat for her husband to be but she tries to fight off these negative thoughts. Little does she know, though, that her life is about to take a sudden turn, when Kyle, her long lost love, appears out of nowhere. Who will be the one to claim her heart when all the cards are on the table once again? Will she find the strength to leave her whole life behind and change her future dramatically? Meanwhile, Kyle Jenkins pines for the girl he loved and lost ten years ago. After getting his heart broken once more, he realizes that life is unbearable without Rebecca. He cannot bring himself to hope that she feels the same, but, much to his dismay, he finds her only in time to see her fiance proposing. However, he will not give up that easily. Thrown into a conflict of thieves and courtships, Kyle has to accept that, even if he can't get the girl, he has to get the criminals. Is she truly the girl of his dreams or a blurry memory of the past? Will he regret his decision to search for her, ending up deeply disappointed and hurt? When their paths cross, they think for a moment that happy endings might exist. With everything set against them, will they reignite the fire of their lost love? Will their feelings be stronger than doubts and second thoughts? "An Innocent Love's Wildflower" is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.
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