Anton, A steamy single-dad age-gap romance

He’s a single father obsessed with the babysitter. But is she ready to give up her v-card for the single dad twice her age?

All the reasons why I shouldn’t sleep with the babysitter:
She’s half my age.
She’s probably got a spotty boyfriend stashed away somewhere.
It would be weird for my kid, and I can’t put him through anymore heartache.
The reasons I do sleep with the babysitter:
She was blowing on her soup in a really sexy way, and then she licked a strawberry.
I am so screwed.

Reasons why I shouldn't sleep with the silver fox single dad:
No. Can’t think of a single one.
Reasons why I do sleep with the silver fox single dad:
He takes me on an all-expenses-paid trip to Chicago.
I drink too much wine.
He’s damn hot and worth giving up my v-card for.
But now we’re back home to reality, am I just his booty call?

Do you love steamy single dad and curvy girl romance?
Let the boys from All the Single Dads warm up your nights. These single dad hotties are fiercely protective and will do anything for the ones they love.

The series features grumpy single dads, secret billionaires, shy neighbors, and men turned obsessive by the curvy heroines who capture their hearts.

Each book in the series is a standalone but are best when enjoyed together. Look out for your favorite characters from Maple Springs popping into the stories for cameo appearances. No cliffhangers, and always with a happily ever after.

Note from the author: Jaxon is a short and steamy instalove romance that can be read in about an hour. If you like a smoking hot quickie, then dive on in!

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