Be Your Greatest Self
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Be Your Greatest Self by Chris Terai


Peace of mind, vitality, health, happiness, empowerment… they’re all related. They’re functions of our belief systems, for beliefs guide our actions and thereby shape the lives we live. Beliefs are also how we see the world, thereby forming the constraints of all joy. Beliefs are paramount within our life experience; they are the difference between our limited and greatest self, and what stands between the reality we know and legendary life.

To be our greatest self, we align our beliefs. We discover how feelings actually work and thereby dissolve life’s negativity. We learn the deeper nature of willpower, realizing our objectives through wisdom and love instead of force. Vices and addictions? Conflicting loves of our lives lose their grip when the bliss of natural alignment is ours; this too is a matter of beliefs. Anger and depression, hatred and suffering, a hell in our past? All afflictions dissipate as new beliefs move us into relation with all that is, expanding both love and joy in our experience. Physical health and wellbeing are extensions of this very same wisdom; beliefs reshape us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Take the easy road. Join us as we debunk hundreds of troubling beliefs that are so commonplace that they can’t be seen, venturing where other books on spirituality, enlightenment, and faith dare not tread, because this is what it takes to be exceptional.

* Be Your Greatest Self is the first guidebook in the Enlightening Strikes series. Optimize your journey by reading it in conjunction with the Enhanced Personal Journal, which provides additional wisdom, methods to embrace enlightenment, and a place for your empowering discoveries. The journal can be found by clicking on the author's name, searching for ‘Be Your Greatest Self’ or ‘Chris Terai’ on Amazon, or by visiting .

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