Beautiful Dark
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Beautiful Dark by Talisha Walton

Monica Dupree is a preacher's daughter, but far from being a daddy's girl. The dark beauty is an emotionally disrupted soul with a questionable spirituality and an even more questionable sexuality, but the truth behind the reasons are even darker than the beautiful dark skin she is so lovely clothed in. The lovely one has always been fascinated with the spirit realm so when a horrific tragedy takes place in her life, she goes far beyond this world to try to find some closure. What she finds, though, is pure darkness and not at all what she was searching for. Being tricked into thinking what she has found is good, Monica allows this evil to remain and gives him a nickname that's more than befitting for his very nature, Eerie. After years of constantly being played like a wooden puppet by her bossy older twin cousins, who insists on pulling hard on the strings, Monica decides she's had enough and gets even with them by befriending their worst enemy. Unbeknownst to her, it was all in part of God's perfect plan for her to do so, and how The Lord uses this friend in her life, is nothing short of remarkable. The beautiful dark Monica Dupree will begin to experience a whole new way of loving and living, as everything about her is changed forever, supernaturally. Beautiful Dark is a spiritual warfare story with a powerful message that’ll surely leave you stunned—it will, indeed, remain on your mind days after reading it.
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