Because She Loved Me
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Because She Loved Me by Mia Dailey

A CHRISTIAN MARINE ROMANCE SERIES A handsome tough Marine faced with the unthinkable. There is only one thing that will save him. The unconditional love of a woman. Gabriela and Santiago are madly in love. He’s rough around the edges but not when he’s with Gabriela. She sees what no one else sees. A man she can’t live without. Her parents think otherwise and don’t want her wasting her time with someone who is leaving. She has no doubt – she will wait for Santiago for as long as it takes. Although Santiago thinks Gabriella is the most beautiful woman in the world, he must push her away. He knows he’s not good enough for her and he loves her too much to let her waster her life on him. Gabriella spends 8 months in agony when she doesn’t hear from Santiago. That last goodbye letter she got isn’t good enough. She wants to hear goodbye from him in person. She must look in his eyes one more time. Santiago is too ashamed to call Gabriela when he returns from his tour but Gabriella has a feeling – what she likes to call a Message from God. She takes off around town looking for the man she loves, only to find him hiding from her. Why? Santiago has no words and simply turns her away. Gabriella can’t let him go. She is determined and she believes with all her heart that they can find their way through this together … it if he’ll only let her in. Is love really enough for a wounded Marine and the love of his life? Can faith in God be the key to healing and moving on? Other books in The Because She Loved Me Series: 1.Because She Loved Me Book 1 (FREE book) 2.Because She Waited for Me Book 2 3. Because She Believed in Me Book 3 4. Because She Prayed for Me Book 4 5. Because She Trusted Me Book 5 6. Because She Married Me Book 6 Three couple. Three powerful love stories. All are destined to meet. In the Because She Loved Me Series, three brave Marines and the women they love are facing trials yet holding on to the love they believe in. At times they feel like they’re going to fail. Fail in their hope for a happily ever after. Can there really be happiness after trauma? Six intertwined lives. Six stories of struggles but there’s a plan for them, and their faith, and self-sacrifice, and just as important, unconditional love can get them there...if they can remember how to trust God to take them where they’re meant to be. Is it really possible to love a military man with all the difficulties it brings? Are faith and unconditional love going to be enough? Enjoy this Christian Marine Romance Series today!
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