Beneath the Broom Tree
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Beneath the Broom Tree by Jill Penrod

They thought healing was impossible… Haunted by grisly scenes from her past, journalist Ione Stavros needs to heal and recharge. According to its website, the mysterious St. Ninian’s Sanctuary is a perfect place to do that. On an island so far south it’s nearly in Antarctica, the retreat center promises quiet opportunities to meet with God and find refreshment. She prays that’s true, because this is her last hope. Callen came to the island to escape a fatal failure that won’t leave him alone. Working the island farm and hiding in a cabin alone, he prays God will let him stop hearing, even for a moment, screams from the past. He never expects God to begin that healing by placing a woman in his path who might be more broken than he is. He can’t bear to carry her pain along with his own, but every time he turns around, there she is. Together they listen for God’s voice, explore the mysteries of the island, and try to make sense of hurts in their lives. As Ione moves forward, Callen steps back, and even the fragile healing they experience is put to the test. It isn’t until danger threatens the entire island that they begin to understand God’s plans for them—apart and together—as well as plans for the island they’ve grown to love. Beneath the Broom Tree is book one in the St. Ninian’s Sanctuary series, contemporary Christian small town romance with a mysterious island twist.
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