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Beware by R Shannon

REVIEWS: ★★★★★ The author has continued to develop these characters giving them great depth and relatability. In addition, this second book continued the first story seamlessly. This plot is laid out excellently, not too fast and not too slow. - W Fulton ★★★★★ Extremely entertaining. Lots of suspense and action. Engaging cast of characters, excellently portrayed. Loved the book. Can't wait to start the next one - Gene BOOK DESCRIPTION: Fr. Liam's brother Mike Mullens finally moves up to Ocala so the brothers can be together again. Colleen, Mike's daughter, is now facing a bankruptcy and divorce, thanks to her gambling husband. She still hopes, however, to find true love. Ryan tries again to get his relationship with the beautiful Angelica back on track. He gets pulled into a missing person's case and this time it's personal. Will Ryan find the missing person? Will he and Angelica finally resolve their problems? Will Colleen find a new love? ABOUT THE RYAN MALLARDI PRIVATE INVESTIGATION SERIES: Each of the books has enough background information about the characters to read as stand-alone stories. However, the main character arcs continue to grow and change throughout the books, so the series is best experienced if read in order. Each book has a mystery that resolves at the end of the book. There are no cliffhangers with the exception of Ryan getting a phone call in Book 3 about what case he will be investigating in Book 4. The series contain the following: psychological mystery secret and double lives murder mysteries missing persons secret burials murder for inheritance or suicide
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