Brother’s Best Friend
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Brother’s Best Friend by K.C. Crowne

My brother's best friend is a fierce underground fighter... And I'm new understudy. In the dark world of underground fights, Women like me are rare victorious warriors. Samuil Nicolaevich haunted my fantasies as a teen. And based on the way his gaze lingers on my lush curves.. He clearly appreciates how much I've blossomed. Yet when he steps in as my coach... My focus begins to blur and I find myself wanting more than just victory. The intensity of our sessions stirs up suppressed desire. His every command, every gruff word, drives me mad. The unspoken tension that simmers between us has me yearning for more than just victory. But in a world where every move can be life or death... My greatest battle is surrendering to the passion that threatens to overpower us both.
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