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BWWM ROMANCE by Kiara Mosley

*****A SWEET CLEAN BWWM ROMANCE***** What would you do if you had to fight to save your farm against a billionaire? Tiara Jones is called down to Tennessee after her grandmother dies. When she reaches there, she hears about Charles Bennet, a local billionaire's designs to usurp their land. Tiara stands up to Charles and tells him off. But in the old Southern outback, Tiara finds herself an outsider. With no friends, no money, and no one to support her against the mighty Bennet Corporation, will her luck run out? And why is she feeling herself strangely drawn to Charles? Is there more to him than first impressions? This is a sweet, clean BWWM Romance story perfect for Interracial Romance fans. Please scroll up and buy now. Books in the Series: 1. Tiara v/s the Tennessee Billionaire 2. Tiara and the Tennessee Stranger 3. Tiara's Caribbean Honeymoon
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