Catching the Cowgirl
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Catching the Cowgirl by Lacy Williams

Breanna White is a tomboy who’d rather be racing her horse than waiting for a man to call on her. She’s perfectly content with who she is. Until Adam, a city-slicker who reminds her of a past she’d rather forget, shows up in Wyoming unexpectedly. Adam belongs to a society family. He has *expectations*. He can’t marry a small-town cowgirl with no connections. Can he? Books in this series: Marrying Miss Marshal Counterfeit Cowboy Cowboy Pride The Homesteader’s Sweetheart Courted by a Cowboy Roping the Wrangler Return of the Cowboy Doctor The Wrangler’s Inconvenient Wife A Cowboy for Christmas Her Convenient Cowboy Her Cowboy Deputy Catching the Cowgirl The Cowboy’s Honor Winning the Schoolmarm The Wrangler's Ready-Made Family Christmas Homecoming
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