Cece & David
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Cece & David by Nia Arthurs

My best friend knows everything about me—except the fact that I love her. I’m a painfully shy introvert. She commands every room she enters. We’re total opposites, but I need Cece Walker like I need air. As the world changes around us, I desperately hold on to our friendship. Until Cece starts dating other people. Until I start dating too. But no one can replace her in my life, and I keep running back to her whenever she calls. Soon, I’m forced to face the truth. I’m in love with Cece Walker. But what happens to our friendship if she doesn’t love me back? Cece & David is a tender AMBW coming-of-age romance set in Belize, featuring a strong, silent hero and his gorgeous best friend. ***Read all the novels in the Love In Many Shades Series*** Cece & David Cece & David 2 Cece & David 3 Cece & David 4 Haley & Rylin
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