Christmas on Inishmore (Home (Abroad) for the Holidays)
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Emma never thought she’d flee from her success – especially not to Ireland.

As a tech founder, Emma Kells is used to being the only woman at the table. Her app brought her success, fame, and riches, but it also stole her social life. The success was unexpected, but so was a tech thief, claiming her invention actually belonged to him.

When Emma tries to defend her work, things take a turn for the worse when she makes a mess in the media and jeopardizes her future dreams. Her team suggests that lying low is the answer and what better place to do that than in Galway, Ireland? Only, Emma’s trip doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Instead she becomes stranded on the tiny island of Inishmore where the handsome pub owner offers her a bed. He reminds Emma of the comfort, laughter, and relaxation she has been putting aside for years, and now she’s wondering if her success was worth it.

When the real world comes calling, Emma has a choice to make. Will she return to her workaholic ways, or will she take a chance on an Irishman and love?

Dive into this forced proximity romantic comedy and fall in love with its witty Irish hero today. Featuring a cozy cottage (with only one bed, naturally!), a lovable dog, and a Christmas you won’t soon forget.

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