Christmas with Dad’s Best Friend
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I just kissed my dad’s best friend...

And he's really not too happy about it.

Let's just say a lifelong crush can make a girl do some wild things.

I ran into Nathaniel at my parent’s party.

And I couldn't get over my desire for the silver-haired GQ model.

So I excuse myself to the restroom.

And I imagine him there with me as I touch myself.

Then I speak my desire for him as I reach my climax. 


In walks Nathaniel with a stern gaze.

And what appears to be a stiffness in his trousers.

"Whatever this is it NEEDS to stop."

"You mean this?"  I come close to his luscious lips and pause. 

Then we finally kiss.

I took my chances in the bathroom that fateful night.

But NOTHING could prepare me for the greatest Christmas surprise.

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