Contemplations: A Different Path To The Sacred
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Contemplations is a radical departure from mainstream thought on matters of culture, religion, and philosophy for the simple reason that it offers to one who chooses to see as I have seen, an experiential, open, and earnest path to the Sacred in this time of spiritual deception, blind grasping for purchase on purpose, and chronic longing for a crumb of dignity and for a taste of meaning in life. Sets your expectations from the beginning: Contemplations is not an instruction manual to health, wealth, and happiness. It does not moralize at you or wield the whip of shame to force you to conform. It will not give you the means to unlock mysterious or ethereal magic of ancients as all such things are lures for the simple, crutches for the foolish, and deceit for the gullible. Contemplations earnestly offers another path based upon experience and observation. It avails you of the choice to benefit from what you will build upon its teachings within your life rather than to be bound to only what is approved. It leads to a path of your own should you choose to make it so.
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