Coven (A Soulmark Series Book 1)
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Gran had warned her to stay out of the woods… She should have listened.

Zoelle couldn’t have predicted one late-night run under the full moon would change the course of her life forever. But when she’s thrust into the paranormal world that hides in plain sight alongside her own, she must learn to navigate her newfound magical abilities as a witch… 

And the local alpha, Xander Adolphus, who’s convinced they’re “fated”.

Xander will do anything to protect his pack, but when Zoelle enters his life under unusual circumstances, he knows only one thing: he must have her—no matter the cost.

After forcing her hand to bind them together, they must both face the consequences of his actions. Including the power to ignite a war... or end one.

Can Zoelle keep a grip on her old life and dreams? Or will she surrender to the alpha and this new magical world?

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Coven is the first in a completed paranormal shifter romance in A Soulmark Series, praised for its powerful heroine, raw and unforgettable seduction, and breathtaking love story that one reader warns "... had me completely under its spell." — ★★★★★ 
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