Deception: A Dystopian Teen Thriller
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The poison will kill his sister…

…unless James finds help.

But who can he trust?

Fifty years in the future, the ultra-rich live in luxury in heavily-protected cities. The rest of humanity eke out a living in a landscape destroyed by greed…

When five-year-old Rose is poisoned, the community of Sector 19 is resigned to her fate. The antidote lies in the city, beyond the reach of ordinary folk. Only her 17-year-old brother, James, refuses to give up hope. 

When his bold plan to beat the border patrols fails, a mysterious woman offers to help. But he senses Amora is hiding something.

 Can he trust her? 

Will her plan succeed? 

With his sister’s life in the balance, James has no choice but to find out. 

Perfect for fans of Divergent or the Hunger Games, Deception is packed with action and brimming with suspense. 

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