Devil or Angel
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Devil or Angel by Ann Malley

Devil, angel, or a little of both? Sheltered and suffocating, Angel Le Blanc will live on her own terms now. She's nearly twenty-one. And believing in God doesn't preclude belief in one's own abilities. The big city isn't all bad, either. Angel has a great job, a good head on her shoulders, friends, and her mom will have to get over it. She's not making up with her old boyfriend, either, however perfect he is. But Angel's new situation isn't as cozy as she believes. An eager young thing makes the perfect mark for dark forces intent on having their way. CIA operative Roham Arshad is tasked with watching all of the above. He's not supposed to fraternize with persons of interest, not even cute redheads that ooze innocence like cartoon sunshine. But getting close to Angel means getting closer to nailing her boss and the unsavory associates who are no friend to the United States of America or her allies. But when danger takes a sadistic turn in Angel's direction, all bets are off. Devil or Angel is a short, 90-minute introduction to clean, Christian, DIAMOND DOG romantic suspense thrillers. Enjoy!
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