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Done by Desi Stowe

Desi Stowe is a healthcare professional with a passion for writing. She is looking to take experiences from hospitals hallways to aspiring author DONE is a contemporary fiction novel with a strong (albeit angsty) female protagonist. Themes include discovering who your true friends are, finding work/life balance, self-care for mental health, and the complications an ill-timed chance at romance can bring. Rating of book is PG. Book Description: Vivian Ashmead is a highly successful employment recruiter and retention specialist, traveling the country and climbing the corporate ladder. Her life is going perfectly according to plan. Until it isn’t. Her latest assignment is consulting with hospitals to offset the loss of personnel since the pandemic. Vivian prides herself on being an expert in her field but is struggling to find her footing. How do you convince someone to return to their field when they leave for entirely justifiable reasons? Vivian finds herself desperately clutching to her plans as they continue to unravel. The harder she tries to hold things together, the more they fall apart. To make matters worse, she disappoints the few people in her life who care about her. In her mind, she hears a whisper leading her to a better life. In her heart, she feels the ache of a longing unfulfilled. What happens when you’ve poured everything into a career, and it’s still not enough? What happens when there’s nothing left to give? Sometimes you are just… Done. Praise for DONE From “Reading how Vivian’s life changed was so well written...” “I liked the character of Vivian and was rooting for her to accept the love and friendship that she constantly pushed away...” “The relationships between the characters in the book, I love it so much...” “Emotionally I got attached to Desi Stowe’s narration...” “I couldn’t put this book down! It was captivating and flowed well from one chapter to the next...” “...this would be an amazing book for everyone to read...”
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