Dreaming of Her Cowboy’s Kiss
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Ruby Barclay knows she isn’t marrying for love. Love was never the plan. After losing her parents at the age of sixteen and fighting the state for guardianship of her siblings, Ruby is a pragmatist, not a romantic. And Wesley Landry, a fellow surgeon, is her best option for a safe and stable future. That is until she catches him with the florist’s assistant moments before their wedding ceremony. For five years now, Ethan Shuff has watched the love of his life plan her future with another man, a man not even close to worthy of her. Ethan had helped Ruby fight for her siblings. He’d driven her back and forth to med school, then to her residency. He’d only held off on telling her his feelings because she was so determined to have the perfect life, a life he wasn’t sure he could give her as a cowboy working with underprivileged kids on the side. He’d only come to her wedding to close that unrequited chapter of his life for good. But perhaps it wasn’t as unrequited as he thought. Because when Ruby falls into his arms for comfort at the church after Wesley’s betrayal, they both feel something. He can see it in her eyes. So, when she begs him to whisk her away from the wedding on his motorcycle, Ethan is more than happy to oblige. And even as Ruby tries to convince herself she feels nothing for Ethan but friendship, her repeated dreams of him kissing her say otherwise. Listen for FREE to the incredible Jay Dyess perform this book on the Say with Jay channel on YouTube. Reviews for Dreaming of Her Cowboy's Kiss: ★★★★★ "Ruby was at the church getting married and Ethan was there too, his heart was about to fall out of his chest because the woman he had secretly loved all his life was marrying somebody else. Would something happen before the wedding to change her mind and if so, how would she escape the pain that it caused and who would be right there to take her away and keep her safe?" - KRP ★★★★★ "A person's love for another person can never be as great as God's love for each and every person. But stories about how two people of good character love one another, give me a glimpse of how God loves me, and of how God loves each of us. Ruby's love for Ethan, and Ethan's love for Ruby are that type of a love story." - Old Dog ★★★★★ "Once again, Jessie helps the word of God collide with the real world, and the hopes and dreams we have in our hearts. Ruby has plans to marry Wesley, while a man who loves her watches the woman he's loved since they met prepare to walk to the altar. He stands back because circumstances are insurmountable. Well, they are insurmountable to anyone but God. With God, all things are possible. Truly." - L.Gross ★★★★★ "God's hand was very definitely upon Ethan and Ruby's life. I laughed; cringed; sighed and cried throughout this book. Your amazing storytelling wrapped up so many emotions and happenings together that completely captivated me. Thanks for another fascinating book." - Judi T ★★★★★ "This book is another example of
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