Embers of Shadow
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Embers of Shadow by Lloyd Jeffries

After the brazen attack on Israel, the Antichrist’s shadow grows. Rhyme Carter faces the fight of her life to escape the clutches of her evil husband, the FBI, and a secret society hellbent on world domination. Emery Merrick watches in horror as the Antichrist launches an international coup that changes the course of humanity forever. In a race against time, Book III in the superlative, award-winning Ages of Malice series continues the saga of a downtrodden journalist enlisted to write the biography of a madman. What Emery and Rhyme have failed to stop now grows unchecked as Cain threatens to solidify his dominance for all time. From visionary author, Lloyd Jeffries, Embers of Shadow will keep you on the edge of your seat long after the incredible, mind-blowing climax. Can mere mortals outwit the Antichrist to stop the coming apocalypse? Can Rhyme Carter escape her pursuers and enlist the aid of surprising allies? Can Emery break free from an evil that predicts every turn? Embers of Shadow What hath God wrought?
Genre: Fantasy
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