Emotional Trauma No More
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Emotional Trauma No More by CARA BRAMLETT

Do you feel CRAZY? Feel like you are LOSING YOUR MIND? Emotional trauma happens to everyone, especially those experiencing narcissistic abuse. The challenge is breaking free or keeping your sanity until you break free. Have you ever said “I love you I don’t trust you” or had a gnawing feeling in your stomach that something wasn’t right? Perhaps you have heard “It was just a joke” or “you are too sensitive” or “that never happened.” This is your life when dealing with gaslighting. Abuse can leave you Feeling Hopeless about Life and question your sanity. You feel anxious, have difficulty making decisions, and simply don’t trust everything you think. Maybe you start to think you are the problem. Or you maybe you are a narcissist. Or worse, you are the reason things are happening. Have you wondered… What is emotional trauma? Is emotional trauma recovery possible? Is narcissistic abuse recovery possible? How Many Times It takes to leave for good? It may surprise you that very few people are able to leave for good after the first time. Perhaps you are in the cycle of trying to break free or in thinking of leaving. You long for a normal life without drama, emotional outbursts, or manipulation. Yet today, you are trying to survive while living every moment with debilitating symptoms of emotional abuse. Your Solution: Emotional Trauma NO MORE. Here, you will uncover ways to deal with your overwhelming emotions, mental exhaustion, and confusion. You will understand the changes in your brain and how to treat the overwhelming symptoms in an effective and immediate way. Then, you can rewire your emotional brain damage to end suffering, clear the brain fog, and stop overthinking it. This book is full of simple, powerful exercises you can do that help you take back your power! By Knowing How Your Symptoms DEVELOPED, you will… -Discover the #1 reason you stay with someone who treats you poorly -Discover the 4 most common types of Gaslighting and know how to recognize each type -The #1 secret weapon that drives all narcissists insane -Understanding when overthinking is not good and when it is your superpower -Discover how childhood trauma can form your attachment style By recognizing the BIOLOGY of your symptoms, you will… -Disconnect, Stop Oversharing, Start Controlling Your Emotions -Understand why you walk on eggshells -Know how to begin the reversal of brain changes from chronic stress and Hypervigilance -Learn how to stop lying to Yourself -How Repressed Emotions Impact Your Health -Discover what triggers tell you and how to defuse them -Discover how to stop justifying toxic behavior -How to stop people-pleasing without feeling guilty By harnessing the POWER of controlling your symptoms, you will… -Recognize seemingly innocent Gaslighting Phrases, you previously overlooked -Protect your brilliance: The hidden ways Gaslighters Deceive Intelligent and high power people -Effective Phrases guaranteed to SHUTDOWN gaslighting for good! -Begin rebuilding your S
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