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Entangled by Kenneth Igiri

Philip Ezeani, a middle-aged single Christian finds himself in a roller coaster, undefined relationship with an unintended live-in lover, Zainab Audu Garba. His life is further complicated by the myriad of women in his past and present who have taken up various positions in his heart, unknown to them and often unclear to him. Philip finds himself unable to control himself and finally discovers that his life has not been hijacked by external forces but by something living inside him. Based on a true story, Entangled explores the concepts of sin and forgiveness, sonship and slavery, lust and love. It is the familiar story of a young man exposes to life but still discovering his true self. He finds himself failing over and over unable to grasp the real reasons for his weakness. His true self shows up under pressure embarrassing him, trapping him, enslaving him.
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