Exposing His Secrets (The Ramon Lucas Scandal Book 1)
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Ramon is now a big-time singer, rapper, song writer and owns the Label that manage the Lil Lucas’s group and other artists. Life was good for him, but something was missing. Drugs, alcohol and women did not fill that void. Ramon lives an enviable life … or so he’d have his fans believe. Behind the façade, lies a web of secrets – secrets that he’s kept about his family buried for far too long.

As he continues to publicly lavish in his fame, internally he struggles with an addiction he could care less if he’ll never kick and an impending spiritual crisis if he doesn’t face his demons, put in the hard work, and check his pride. The only thing standing in his way is him. Can Ramon pull himself out of his misery before his life implodes? Will God step in and give him Grace even when he turns his back on God? What will happen next in Exposing His Secrets: The Ramon Lucas Scandal.

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