Exposing Secrets
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Exposing Secrets by Kia Summers

The Lucas family are a well-known Baptist clan based out of Atlanta. Sweeter than a Georgia peach to some, this family might look normal and almost perfect on the outside. But behind closed doors... there's a rot that runs all the way to the pit of their bloodline! The family patriarchs Evette and Tyrone who have seven children together travel the church circuit giving the gift of song to church attendees. But their 18 year marriage is not without its problems. Not even close. Evette is fighting her flesh and Tyrone is trying to keep his family together. From the outside looking in, this family seems like a strong Christian family singing and living for God! But when you pull the covers back they put the ā€œDā€ in a Dysfunctional Family! Find out what happens in part one of Exposing Secrets!
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