Faith Blossoms
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Faith Blossoms by Diane Lil Adams


If you are sensitive regarding the topic of rape, this story may trigger uncomfortable emotions. Only when these dark sins are exposed, can the beauty of the Light shine through and bring healing.

No, I'm not divorced. No, he didn't die. There are other ways to become a single parent.

Faith Honicutt leaves nothing to chance. She meticulously plots her backyard garden and nary a weed is left to flourish. She puts her heart into her job at Joy in Blooms, making herself indispensable. Though Edie, Faith's twelve-year-old daughter, often tries her mother's patience, her grades are good and she never gets into trouble. Surely that's due to Faith's unbending rules and careful monitoring.

Then Faith's boss announces that she is selling Joy in Blooms, putting Faith's job in jeopardy. That same day, a handsome, charming bachelor decides to buy the vacant house next door ... and Faith has no legal means to prevent him tearing down the fence that protects her beautiful garden. Next, a social worker comes calling—someone reported Faith to Children's Services. Faith's carefully controlled world is crashing around her and it seems the only knight in sight is wearing tarnished armor.

“Faith Blossoms is a sweet Christian romance with a bit of an edge. It deals with a tough and sometimes controversial subject, but keeps the hopeful message readers expect from a Christian author. Well done, Diane Lil Adams.”

- Cecilia Marie Pulliam, Author of the Lions and Lambs Series.

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