Falling for Alaska (An Alaska Dream Romance Book 1)
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She's chased her dream all the way to Alaska. Her oh-so-gorgeous but grumpy neighbor might try to stop her.

Jemma inherits a house in small town Palmer, Alaska, quits her job in Georgia, and moves there. She starts her dream business in her garage—flipping furniture and selling it.

Nathaniel’s peace and quiet is shattered when the woman across the street drills and saws. Sure, she’s nice and perhaps attractive, but he doesn’t want anyone close to his heart.

Then he keeps helping her, even though he can’t figure out why.

With only the short Alaskan summer for her business to take off, Jemma is driven to succeed before she runs out of money.

If only she weren’t distracted by Nathaniel.

When a stray puppy enters their lives, they may have to figure out a way to work together.

But helping each other won’t lead to love, right? Maybe it will.

Falling for Alaska is the first book in the clean and wholesome Alaska Dream Romance series with sisters Jemma, Bree, and Holly each having their own book. If you like wild destinations, a dash of Mr. Darcy, and fun, then you’ll love this first book in Cathryn Brown’s heartwarming series. 

Buy or download Falling for Alaska and begin your journey today!

The author was born and raised in Alaska, so she really gets Alaska, and you’ll see the difference in what she writes. Each book has a happily ever after ending and stands alone, but it’s most enjoyable to read them in order.

Previously published as a book by Shannon L. Brown.

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