Family Business-Book 1
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Family Business-Book 1 by Vanessa Miller

When street meets Jesus, anything is possible... Demetrius Shepherd is the only son of Don Shepherd, a notorious gangster who ruled the streets of Ohio with an iron fist. He spent many years grooming his son in their business. Loyalty to the family was expected at all cost, but when Demetrius breaks the rules and goes against the family, only God can stop the wrath of Don Shepherd. Angel Barnes always thought she would follow in the footsteps of her beloved father and become a preacher. But after her father messed up and destroyed their family, Angel wants nothing to do with the life she once knew. By the time she meets Demetrius Shepherd, Angel resembles nothing of the child she used to be. Demetrius believes that he and Angel are cut from the same cloth and he is betting on a lifetime of love with her. But Demetrius will soon discover that while the Shepherd’s family business is full of gambling, stealing and killing, the Barnes’ family is in the business of saving souls. Demetrius is caught between a rock and a hard place because he wants no part of either business, but for the sake of family, he and Angel will have to choose one. ~~~~ Angel and Demetrius were destined to be together. Not because of the unyielding love they have for one another, but because of the child who will be born with the knowledge of God and the streets. This son will proclaim the truth of God to the nations and will one day change the outlook of the Shepherd family business… but you’ll have to continue reading the Family Business series to discover how this comes to be.
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