Family First
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Family First by Kalyssa Powell

Marcus Martin, Hansen and Fairs Advertising Inc.’s newest junior copywriter, is finally getting his life going in the right direction after he gets rejected by the NBA. But amidst his recent success and his high hopes for a grand future, he struggles with self-doubt and disagreements with his family, who are very spiritual. How can he be as successful as he wants to be if the people who love him most keep holding him back? And how can he keep praying to God when he believes that God disapproves of his success? Marcus doesn’t know what to do, and he’s not sure that what he is thinking about doing is congruent with his true heart? Follow Marcus Martin as he grows and learns to deal with the issues of life. Also, along the way he meets Jessica Travis—a good intentioned young woman who may not be as good for Marcus as he thinks she is.
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